Art truly is an amazing thing. It captivates the eyes and builds heavy emotions within the very soul of the perceiver.

The creation of art is non-linear, causing ideals and norms to transform almost overnight. Local artists create unique and intricate art pieces for their own enjoyment. The notion of fabricating something extraordinary pushes us, as individuals, to our limits. We strive to construct something totally original and groundbreaking. And to have our work recognized on an international scale would be astounding.

Urban Elephant endeavors to promote art culture throughout the world. With our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Series, imagination and creativity of individuals is free to pour out of their minds and onto a blank three-dimensional canvas. These art pieces give everyone the opportunity to produce the masterpiece which has been balancing ever so precariously on the forefront of the right frontal lobe.

Urban Elephant will also be collaborating with local and big-name artists in order to create fantastic, one-of-a-kind collectible series. The thrill of purchasing a blind-box is inexpressible, and we hope to bring boxes of joy and excitement with a series in the relative future.

Release your inner artist!

Urban Elephant

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